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Alright now I know this isn’t about music but I have to say something. So Republican candidate John McCain visited his old high school today and talked about how those days were some of his happiest times. He also touched on the educational crisis in America and how there are so many African-American students who don’t graduate on time. Now this is true I’ll give him that, but shouldn’t he be visiting those schools?

Now I’m not one to complain but maybe you should talk to the people with the problems that you seem to be so concerned about. This goes for all of the candidates because I haven’t heard much about education or HIV/AIDS (they must’ve forgot about the AIDS crisis in America…). But I digress.

Maybe he has visited some black schools (which are the most F’d up…umm MPS…) and I just have yet to hear about it. Perhaps too much CNN for me. Anyway if you have any thoughts hit me up.


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