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I have to admit I can’t wait wait for this.

Associated Press reports: (yea that’s right I’m stepping the research game up)

The 70-year-old has recorded a hip-hop album set for release next month. “Cosby Narratives Vol. 1: State of Emergency” blends the comedian’s concepts and stories with a hip-hop, pop and jazz soundtrack.“I do not rap on any of these things,” Cosby told The Associated Press on Monday. “I wouldn’t know how to fix my mouth to say some of the words.”Cosby said the hip-hop music he hears is profane and degrading. His album is “the opposite of what I think is the profanity for no particular reason, the misogyny for no particular reason,” he said. “It really looks at the frustration and the anger that a young man may have.”

Alright so this sounds like it will be a talk over the track kinna thing. I really hate how people come after Bill Cosby like he’s some senial old man. If Kanye or Camron (which by the way will NEVER happen) said the things Cosby says people would be all over it. But since he’s older no one wants to listen. I think it will be good and I plan on buying it. Wuddaboutchu?


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