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Well it´s the last day people and I am happy to be getting ready to go home. This has been an exciting trip for me but as always I am ready to be back on American soil once again. Last night we went out to a club with not one but TWO live bands (so you know I was in heaven) and they opened up the floor for salsa dancing so I had to get out there and shake that thang once again lol (don’t laugh I´m getting good at it). Today is a free day until the flight out at midnight. I should be back on Thursday afternoon and will be beefing up for my internship at Edelman…oh what you didn’t know? They called right before I boarded the plan and extended the offer. I tried to keep my professionalism but I was like YEAAAAAAAA as soon as I hung up the phone lol.

I have been paying attention to music news of course and some things have really got me puzzled this time around. First up Kanye (my favorite rapper and producer of all time) is being sued AGAIN by a DJ who claims he penned the song ¨Good Life.¨ Nah Right reports that the DJ is suing Kon the Don for copyright infringement and claims that the rapper was only five or six years old when the original song P.Y.T. by Michael Jackson came out.  Ok so let me get this right… you´re suing someone for a song you didn´t even write. I mean I know the guy sampled the song earlier and get this…he says that Kanye´s lyrics over the track have done damage to his reputation HA! I find this funny because not only are the two friends on Mysapce, but this alleged DJ went on the Sprite Liquid Mix Tour with Jay, Bleek, and Beenie back in 2002 (remember that tour?). Anyway, I´m not sure how this one is going to play out but Kanye has been sued before and came out of it a G mack (remember the Evil Knevil lawsuit).

On another note my main man Common is coming out with a new one this summer. The album entitled Ïnvincible Summer¨ is slated to hit shelves in July and features work by the Neptunes and not a single track by Kanye, which actually makes me not want to hear it but I´ll give it a chance. The first single Universal Mind Control, or U.M.C., has just been released. I haven’t had the chance to hear it yet but I will when I get back. I have to say that I´m excited about this one. I´ve been a Common fan since ¨Like Water for Chocolate¨and have since went back to listen to more of his earlier works. He is one of the only emcees that embodies the true acronym of RAP which is rhythm and poetry. I´m sure this summer should be another good one for Common.

And one more thing on my tirade from another land…I just read that Don King is releasing a boxing game with 2K sports. Check here for the article. Soooooo… Don King huh? I have to say that I am a little interested in this story and I don’t even play video games anymore lol. He says that this game covers the true behind the scenes look from the world of boxing and not just the fights. I’m not sure how this is going to turn out though. We all know how Don King can be. Don’t get me wrong he has built many careers with his flashy ways…and he helped the Jacksons get 10 million a pop on the Victory tour so I´m sure this is going to be big…just like his hair lol.

Alright kids I will hit you when I get back . Pray for safe travels and better airplane food (like I´m not going to eat it anyway lol).



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People People people!!! I´m having a good time in Peru. Let me just add that I NEVER wanted to go…I just took the class to cancel out a course in my minor. But I haveto say that I am having a good time here. The traveling is crazy though. We usually spend all day on and off the tour bus visiting different sites and we fly out to a different city aboutevery other day. Other than that everything is cool. The nightlife is hot. We went salsa dancing last night and I got my groove on for about a min lol. I promise as soon as I get back I will update the site with pictures and all that other junk.

Anyway (damn this Spanish keyboard SUCKS) I´ve been keeping up with some news in the states and first I just want to say that I´veheard nothing but HORRIBLE reviews about Usher´s new album Here I Stand. You see…I gave it the benefit of the doubt when Rolling Stone gave it 2 and a half stars but when I talked to some of my peoples back in the states all I heard was that the album was full of tunes about marriage. I even heard the song with Jay-Z is wack. I´m not sure what to say but I was listening to Confessions today on the bus and it took me all the way back to Freshman year…boy those were good times. When Yeah came on at the party there was no standing around. Even the thugs had to do the monastery (or the Chicken head, which was the dance at the time). Well I have yet to hear it so I´m going to hold my breath. But the review will be coming soon…belieeee dat!

I also caught wind of some interesting comments from our good friend and mentor Bill Cosby. I read over at that he said in a recent speech that ¨we, as black folks have to do a better job. Someone working at Wal- Mart with seven kids … you are hurting us. Hmmmm…I´m not sure where I stand on this one. One side of me says it´s true. A single mother with seven kids…working at wal-mart…someone needs to keep their panties up. The other side of me says…well at least she´s trying right? What I do know is that I commend Cosby for stepping up and chastising the young black race (which has became an embarrassment to many…see the Milwaukee bus driver video a few post below). Young folks always come down on Bill for coming down on them. I see comments like ¨tell Bill to sit his ole ass down, but if Kanye said it, black folks would receive it better. Maybe they should do a song together. It amazes me how we don’t want to listen to old people when really they have the wisdom to save some of our stupid asses. But I digress.

Anyway I have a four hour train ride tomorrow and we are supposed to be discussing the readings from class (can you believe that ish?) so I´m off to bed. Holla at you when I get back to Lima.


p.s. sorry about the long post                                 

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Whudduppeoples. I´m blogging live from Peru (my first international post lol) and I´m still staying close to what´s current back at home.

I heard Usher´s performance on dancing with the stars was super wack last night. All I have to say is…why the hell is he on that show anyway? Did anyone get the new album yet? I´ve been searching for it here but to no avail. If you´ve heard it let me know what it sounds like.

Keep an eye out for the R. Kelly trial. It´s about dayum time he got in the hot seat about that tape . Now I don´t wish jail on anyone but…well I´ll let Chris Rock take it from here lol.

And one last thing, I heard that Jay and Bey are talking about going on Oprah with a marraige annoucement. Do you think it´s true? If it is it will be bigger than MJ and Lisa Marie LMAO. Man that was a nasty kiss lol.

Have a good one yall and I´ll holla at you soon. Pictures will be posted as soon as I get back (like you´re interested lol). Take it easy in the states.

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Alright fans (all .05 of you). I’m of to Peru for the next eight days for a travel study trip. I’m not sure how much web access I will have while there but I will be keeping up with the news so expect like 200 post when I get back.

p.s. I’m looking for a new design. If anyone has any ideas let me know lol.


Rick Daniels

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Usher’s new album “Here I Stand” comes out Tuesday and I for one am very excited about listening to the new material. But with all the hype and excitement surrounding the new album I have to wonder if he will be able to top the success of the last album “Confessions.”

In case you weren’t alive or living under a large rock back in 2004, Usher released his fourth solo album “Confessions” to huge success. The lead single “Yeah” took over mainstream radio and locked up club dance floors almost overnight. Some say that they had not seen anything like it since 83 when Michael Jackson ruled the world. Confessions was an awesome album. Backed by production by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Rico Love, Lil John, and Jermain Dupri, Confessions was the album that you could listen to all the way through and by the time the last track faded you were ready to hear the first track all over again. Needless to say it was a classic.

For almost two whole years Usher ruled the charts and arenas all over the world before taking a break to get married and have a child. Four years later he releases “Love in the Club” (hate the title by the way) to the same success as 2004’s “Yeah”. Increased global demand caused the label to push the album UP (like that EVER happens these days) to May and everyone is awaiting the moment of truth. You see the bad part about having such a successful year is that when the new album comes out listeners already have it made up in their mind that the singer can’t top his latest success.

I just watched Usher’s performance on SNL and I have to say that I was satisfied but not…fulfilled. It was like having good sex without the orgasm. I mean its good but its not GREAT! Naturally I compared it to the SNL performance back in 04 when he did a back flip on stage and the crowd almost lost their damn minds (myself included). This time he had the live band, the dance moves, even the outfit was nice (no homo) but it just didn’t do much for me. He also didn’t perform “Love in the Club” first.  I was disappointed by that because I am soooooooo interested in hearing the live band kick over that one.

All in all I believe “Here I Stand” will be a good album. However, to predict that it will be better than Confessions is a strecth. Michael Jackson’s “Bad” was a classic…but was it better than Thriller? HELLZ NAW!!! I think we are in for another Thriller/Bad episode in the music industry.

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A Milwaukee bus driver was beat down earlier this week and it was all caught on tape. A young man entered the bus and began beating up the driver in attempt to take over the wheel. The driver then began to drive toward the local police station (all while getting beatan up) until he ran into a tree and let the person out. I tried watching the whole video but couldn’t stand it. The person looks very young which makes this a senseless meaningless crime.

I hate this type of bull shit. I love black people but got damn how much can a brotha take. This is why blacks move away from the inner city and never look back. Who wants to have this happen to them? Who wants to be in this type of environment? I’m not sure what to say about this one but I will say that all efforts must be taken to put this asshole away for a very long time.

p.s. Sorry about my languarge. I’m a little angry about this.

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I kinda like this song. The house beat is taking over R&B these days and of course her voice sounds awesome as usual.  But to be honest this song sounds like it needs a professional mix job (maybe its just the demo) and I really don’t feel the rhythm pattern of the lyrics until the chorus. Other than that I think its a good record. Not sure how much radio play its going to get but these days that’s more of a compliment that a critical assessment.

Good song J Hud. I have to admit that I was still singing it when it went off. Check it out and let me know what you think

New J Hud Joint!!!

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I don’t know what it is about today but there is a lot of good news going on. AHM posted this and I just about feel out of my chair when Ne-Yo (or go go as he was called back then) came out  with Bronze hair LMAO.

You know what’s funny too? People who get booed on Apollo (Ne-Yo, Mariah Carey, even Lauryn Hill) always go on to make it big. Hmm…maybe I should go on and rap…LMAO that’ll be the day huh.

Check out the video and get your laugh on at work lol.

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I just read over at that Britney Spears has been recording some new tracks that may be out by the holidays.

Alright so I’m just gonna get into it…I’m not sure what this album has to offer but if she wants to make a true real life comeback she’d better put out one of those sad I’m not a girl not yet a woman joints. I mean think about it, records that invite the public into your life, make them feel sorry for you, and then kick someone to the curb (i.e. Kevin whatshisface) always work. Give me more was a nice song but it wasn’t strong enough for her…especially followed by that horrible performance on MTV (which I’m still mad at the network for).

All I have to say is the marketing better be good on this one because she’s going to need it. She can make a comeback…but it has to be marketed very carefully. Otherwise it could be another disaster year for the pop princess.

p.s. I just had to put up the old picture. I was in the ninth grade when this album came out. Anyone remember this version Britney?

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“Paper Trail” the new album from rapper T.I. will be released on August 12. This is the first effort since the rapper was arrested for gun possession this past fall. The title of the album is due to the rapper actually writing his rhymes for the first time in years.

Alright soooo…..not really excited to hear about this one. King was a good album…T.I. vs T.I.P. was not. See I like the T.I. side but the T.I.P. side was unbelievably foul. I hope this album addresses the stupid dingbat move to have all those guns in his house, and the even dumber move to actually be there when the  deal went down.

Anyway I’m not sure how the album is going to be…but I’ll let you know.

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