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People People people!!! I´m having a good time in Peru. Let me just add that I NEVER wanted to go…I just took the class to cancel out a course in my minor. But I haveto say that I am having a good time here. The traveling is crazy though. We usually spend all day on and off the tour bus visiting different sites and we fly out to a different city aboutevery other day. Other than that everything is cool. The nightlife is hot. We went salsa dancing last night and I got my groove on for about a min lol. I promise as soon as I get back I will update the site with pictures and all that other junk.

Anyway (damn this Spanish keyboard SUCKS) I´ve been keeping up with some news in the states and first I just want to say that I´veheard nothing but HORRIBLE reviews about Usher´s new album Here I Stand. You see…I gave it the benefit of the doubt when Rolling Stone gave it 2 and a half stars but when I talked to some of my peoples back in the states all I heard was that the album was full of tunes about marriage. I even heard the song with Jay-Z is wack. I´m not sure what to say but I was listening to Confessions today on the bus and it took me all the way back to Freshman year…boy those were good times. When Yeah came on at the party there was no standing around. Even the thugs had to do the monastery (or the Chicken head, which was the dance at the time). Well I have yet to hear it so I´m going to hold my breath. But the review will be coming soon…belieeee dat!

I also caught wind of some interesting comments from our good friend and mentor Bill Cosby. I read over at that he said in a recent speech that ¨we, as black folks have to do a better job. Someone working at Wal- Mart with seven kids … you are hurting us. Hmmmm…I´m not sure where I stand on this one. One side of me says it´s true. A single mother with seven kids…working at wal-mart…someone needs to keep their panties up. The other side of me says…well at least she´s trying right? What I do know is that I commend Cosby for stepping up and chastising the young black race (which has became an embarrassment to many…see the Milwaukee bus driver video a few post below). Young folks always come down on Bill for coming down on them. I see comments like ¨tell Bill to sit his ole ass down, but if Kanye said it, black folks would receive it better. Maybe they should do a song together. It amazes me how we don’t want to listen to old people when really they have the wisdom to save some of our stupid asses. But I digress.

Anyway I have a four hour train ride tomorrow and we are supposed to be discussing the readings from class (can you believe that ish?) so I´m off to bed. Holla at you when I get back to Lima.


p.s. sorry about the long post                                 


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