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(Billboard) Rapper Nas inked a deal with Fila this past week in support of his upcoming album and tour. The rapper broke his individual tradition of endorsements and partnerships because of the significance the brand holds. “My best friend Will and I loved Fila,” Nas tells Billboard. “It represented prestige and everything that was cool to us. When Will passed, we buried him in a black Fila sweat suit, so doing a deal with them has a lot of significance for me.” The shoe company will provide funds for the upcoming tour and in return the Queens MC will wear Fila apparel along with his own clothing line to hit stores soon.

This is so cool. I remember when kids were getting jumped for their Filas back in like 1992 (I mean that’s not cool but back then the shoes were really nice and were like ahun’ned bones). Do you think Nas can bring Fila back to the mainstream? They came around for a min but faded quicker than water color paint on Air Force Ones. And whatever happened to Hurricane Chris? WTF were they thinking when they signed him? I only own one pair of tennis shoes but Nas may be able to make that count two when the new line hits stores.

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I had to post this. Mediatakeout said this is what happens when someone from the hood gets some money lol.

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She used to look so nice.

(mediatakeout) Amy Winehouse punched a fan in the face during the Glastonbury festival. She also called Kanye West a cunt, which is not on this video but I’m sure some of you would have love to see it lol. Check it out.


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Good morning blog readers sorry to get this to you so late. It’s been a crazy  morning. I spilled coffee on my rockstar t-shirt ironically on the way to the dry cleaners lol. But here are your top stories.

(mediatakeout) Jay-Z performed at the Glastonbury music festival this weekend and he walked out singing ‘Wonderwall” by Oasis. Ya’see Oasis’ frontman whatshisface criticized Jay for performing at the festival, so out of spite, which many rappers are known for, Jay comes out singing the bands most popular tune. It’s actually not that bad lol. Check it out.



Jay also rapped a verse over Estelle’s American Boy and it’s tight. I don’t even think it’s out yet.


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(mediatakeout) LMAO! I mean c’mon…is there really a story behind this? I’ll keep you posted. But just for confirmation, below is a quote from her myspace page. Once again LMAO.

“Got new amerykah weed papers coming in July!”

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Once again sorry about the late post. Yesterday was a lil more busy that I expected.

(singersroom) Michael and Janet Jackson are coming to a store near you…and not a record store either. The siblings are planning on releasing a clothing line (not together but around the same time) later this year. The two have teamed up with designers Ed Hardy and Christian Audiger for what some call an “explosive” venture that is sure to get fans out of their homes and into the stores.

I would buy MJ’s clothes…what? Stop playin’ cause you know you would too. I’m not sure how they will look but I’ve always liked Mike’s army jacket thing. Knowing MJ I’m sure the clothes will be very expensive. We will see. I hope this is something connected to the tour. It’s about dayum time they get that together.


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(mediatakeout) Lookhea,  I love like the next person and I read it everyday but I have to admit that some of their rumours are so out of left field that it’s laughable. This is not so much though. MTO claims that they heard from a source close to Kanye that he is considering retirement after the Glow in the Dark tour wraps later this year. He claims that he is just not into the music anymore after the passing of his mother and is considering his own clothing line.

As much as I love Kanye this wouldn’t be the worst move for him. I think his clothing line would do well especially if he plans to merge or collaborate with Billionaire Boys Club. I don’t think he has it in him to retire though. I just think that after the tour he may want to take a break and pursue other things. He’ll come back. A true music lover can’t stay away for too long.

Whatever you decide Kanye I’m down witcha (like he’s ever going to read this) but just remember that the game needs you.

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I’m running wild this morning so I’ll have the full stories soon. I just wanted to catch your attention with the headline.

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You see…this is what happens when you try to be a gangsta!

(Yahoo) Jacob Arabov, AKA Jacob the jeweler, was sentenced to 30 months in jail this week for his involvement in a high stakes drug ring. The hip hop jewel maker pleaded guilty to falsifying records and giving false statements to federal investigators about his involvement with the Black Mafia Family. He was ordered the minimum sentence due to his extensive charity work and ordered to pay back $2.5 Million in fines.

WOW. How about that. See how the justice system works? When you got the doe, you got the door (pronounced doe for rhyme sake). I love how no one in the BMF was sentenced to jail for their involvement lol. I guess you just have to do your time here and there to pay off some debt (you saw Goodfellas right?). I’m sure when he gets out he’ll get more clientel because of his “street cred.”

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(Yahoo) Democratic front runner Barack Obama (D-IL) and Senator Hilary Clinton (D-NY) will campaign TOGETHER for the first time since Senator Obama clinched the nomination. The two will appear together in Unity, New Hampshire (no really…no pun intended) to rally for the voters attention in preparation for the Presidential election in November. Senator John McCain (R-AZ) won the state’s Republican primaries and has since been back several times to campaign.

I bet you thought from the headline that Obama chose Clinton as a running mate huh? LMAO. Anyway this should be interesting. The word around water coolers all over the country that Obama and Clinton planned this whole thing out. They started wayyyy back in 04 and decided that whoever wins the nomination shall choose the other as his or her running mate. Honestly I think this it’s true. The “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine” tactic has been used in politics since the slave trade. Who knows what will happen by November.

Tell me. Do you think Obama and Clinton would make a good ticket?

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