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Yall like the new terminology “throwblack”? I thought so lol. Anyway I saw Purple Rain for the first time this weekend (I know right) and I was STUCK when I saw Apollonia in that lingerie singing Sex Shooter. Now I know what you’re thinking and trust me you’re right. I was lusting after her…but it was not only Apollonia that caught me. The song Sex Shooter turned out to be my favorite song on the soundtrack.

The track itself which was put together by Prince has a funky swing to it. The running baseline with the raised fifth is what got me in the beginning but the ad libs on the synthisizer really completed the track. Prince is a friggin genious and I hate that I waited 22 years to see the film. But now that I have, Sex Shooter has really got me. I listened to it about 20 times (the song not the video…seriously…what?)

Anyway check it out. Listen to Prince’s background vocals and tell me it doesn’t make you want to get up from your desk at your boring ass job and go dance in the break room lol. 

p.s. I couldn’t find the hyperlink button on my dad’s mac so we have to do this old skool.


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