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Late last week Janet told SOHH that she was dissatisfied with her album promotion. I didn’t say anything about it until I read it in Billboard a lil while ago (more credible source) and that’s when I was like hmmm. It turns out that she didn’t want the single “Luv” to be released and was upset when “Rock With You” didn’t make the charts (not even the bottom of the bottom…200). Now she’s coming out and expressing her frustration about the promotion of the album and how she wished it would have received more attention from the label. 

Honestly I can’t disagree with Miss Jackson (and yes I am in fact “nasty”). The album was a banger and she didn’t get the promotion she should have because Def Jam is too focused on their corny ass same sounding rap acts like Rick Ross and Young Jeezy. These guys get all the promotion money the label has to offer while Janet is left with the scraps which lead to her album selling only 392,000 copies. That’s a shame for someone with an iconic career like Janet’s.

However, part of this is her fault (yea I said it). If she would have just stayed with Virgin she may have been saved from all of this. I may get into trouble for saying this (God I hope Janet reads this post) but after she hooked up with JD her career began to take a dive. After the last Virgin album “All For You” the music she made with Def Jam and JD really went south. I mean it was good but it wasn’t the same Janet quality that her fans have grown to love. To put it plainly, Def Jam is not a good home for Janet. Discipline was a good album and it could’ve done so much betta (pun intended) had it received the proper attention that she would have gotten with her previous label where she was the star and received the much deserved star attention. 

After all is said and done I’m still going to the tour. She can still put on a great show. 



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