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Nas has officially dropped his controversial album title NIGGER and ranamed it “Untitled”. He has also pushed the date back from July 1 to July 15 for reasons unknown. Billboard has the full story.

This is quite disappointing to say the least. What I liked about the title of the album is that it was not only controversial but it had a positive message behind it. Nas is my all time favorite emcee and it is my firm belief that he is the best around out of anyone (yes for all you 12-year-olds out there he IS better than Lil Wayne).

I find it so funny that the media made a big deal out of his now former title when they (and by that I mean we too) accept other rappers putting the N word in their song titles and lyrics and we even sing it (and by we I mean white people…sorry but its true) but when someone tries to make an issue out of it or at least expose the issues surrounding it…that’s when we want to put our hands over our mouths. Its sad.

Def Jam is really killing me right now when Young Jeezy and Rick Ross (yes I pointed them out again) rap about nothing but Crack and sex but Nas comes out with a true political controversial statement…and they beg him to change it. Wow. I guess hip hop is dead.



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