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(Telegraph UK) Fox news columnist Liz Trotta  is under fire this morning for calling Michelle Obama a “baby mama”. In a statement made on none other than the Fox news network, Trotta insist that it was a playful remark but is apologetic for offending the Senators wife.

Man where do I begin? Part of me wants to ride out of Fox’s right-wing ass and throw a tirade, the other part of me (I have to admit) wants to laugh. So I did what any blogger would do…I laughed while writing this post. Trotta was recently (and by recently I mean in a matter of days) criticized for making a comment about a fist bump between Obama and his wife Michelle calling it a “terrorist fist jab”.

Ok now for anyone who took Brian Lucas’ class (hey hey the blues is alright) or have seen the documentary “Outfoxed” you know that Fox is a right-wing network with largely republican commentators. So a comment like this really shouldn’t surprise anyone. But because the term “baby mama” has a negative connotation for black single mothers (notice she didn’t call Hilary Bill’s baby mama) then you know that this comment had a racial lining. Now I hate to play the race card (I really try not to believe it or not…naw you don’t believe it) but Fox is making this too easy. I mean come on…a black presidential candidate just has to have the baby mama right? And It’s just like Fox to say that it was just a joke and that we (meaning black folks) should get over it.

Well…maybe we should. Maybe we should stop using the terms ourselves. Maybe it’s not that bad. But when it’s all said and done…Michelle Obama is no baby mama she is a mother and a wife. She is NOT a single mother and Barack Obama is not a single father. The black family has been struggling for years to gain credibility in this country and here we have a black presidential candidate with a close knit family and a chance to win and this is the treatment we get. If Obama wins the office he will turn over a new leaf for African-Americans…or will he? Damn that seems like a good post…look out for that. Anyway the comment was wrong. Sorry about the tirade. Shout out to the Obama family.

For those of you who may not know, Michelle Obama is a lawyer from the south side of Chicago. She has just launched a website to stop the rumours about she and her husband. Check it out at fight the

Here is the video



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