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Slow News day…what can I say

(Billboard) MTV decided to take the VMA’s (or Video Music Awards for all you slow bus kids) on the road AGAIN this year by moving it to Los Angeles. The show will be held on the Paramount Pictures studio lot with performances on sound stages and roof tops. Last year’s VMAceremony was held in Las Vegas and was complete with table dances, suite performances, and a purposely executed Brittney Spears mock up (not cool MTV).

Soooooo where do I begin? Not sure…where…to…start…oh how about this…IT’S GOING TO BE WACK!!!. I mean seriously? The problem with MTV is that they try way to hard there days. I remember when the network used to be cool and you wanted to watch it because your parents told you not to (or beat it out of you…what? You say The People Under the Stairs). Nowadays its all reality shows and tabloid stuff. Its so hard to watch because there is no music. They’ve sent it all to the other MTV channels like MTV 2 and MTV Trece (did I spell that correctly? Who cares). I remember the days when the VMA’S were held at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York and Jay-Z performed outside in the courtyard, or at Radio City Music Hall when that crazy guy from Papa Roach tried to climb all the way to the ceiling in protest of losing to Limp Biskit. Ahhh those were the days.

Well considering that I am an awards show watcher I still plan on tuning in. I hope something good happens this year but I doubt it. In my opinion they should just take it back to the regular award show format and skip the rest of the stuff….but I digress.



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