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Barack City:


(Edmonton) Democratic presidential candidate and two-time Grammy winner Barack Obama (D-IL) released a soundtrack in support of his presidential campaign this past Friday. The star-studded disc includes tunes from Kanye West, Sheryl Crow and Stevie Wonder. The white house hopeful signed a small distribution deal with Hidden Beach recordings (ever heard of Jill Scott?) which released the soundtrack via his campaign website.


Hmmm…not sure what to say about this one. I think it’s a good idea but it only adds to the gimmick routine of Barack Obama supporters. I’m a fan of each of the artist who made contributions but not of the hype surrounding the campaign. I’m sure the disc will do well…shoot I’m about to purchase it myself lol. I’ll keep you posted on the sales.




(Yahoo) 20 angry black protestors showed up at Barack Obama’s rally this past Friday. The African-American hecklers (did I mention these people were black?) stood up as soon as he took the podium and it took about five minutes to get them out of the arena. Secret service agents who were planted in the crowd (how cool is that?) controlled the situation as Obama waited to begin his speech.


Well…(in my best Ray Charles voice) you have a right to believe what you wanna believe. I don’t mind the protestors but the last two groups that tried this didn’t have their fats together. Obama murdered that one dude who tried to come after him about foreign affairs. Let’s try protesting some of the record companies who only let their artist rap about drugs. I’m sure that wont happen…unless…naw I have class at that time lol.


Bush proposes 700b bail out:

(USA Today) President Bush proposed on Friday to spend 700b to fix the economic crisis that’s hit America. The 700 billon dollars will be spent buying out homes and increasing loan amounts for homeowners with low credit. If approved by Congress the bail out will begin immediately.


Well at least he’s doing something…


That’s all for me…right now at least.  Holla back everyone. Happy Monday.


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