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Pastors…talking seriously or just talking?

By: Big Brother

When talking about the church and politics should we say “holy-tics,” church-tics” or simply “Preachers of Politics?”  The separation of church and state has been a topic that many people are afraid to discuss and address within the political and spiritual world.  

Recently, mega church leader Pastor Jamal Bryant spoke candidly about the republican national convention (RNC), and their presidential nominees Senator John McCain, and Governor Sarah Palin.  Pastor Bryant who pastors the Empowerment Temple in Baltimore, Maryland has stayed away from endorsing an actual presidential candidate, but has given a lot of energy to the democrats and senator Barack Obama.  In a video that was posted on the popular website YouTube, it features Pastor Bryant speaking about what some may say is the truth about the republican party and governor Palin.

Pastor Bryant who says the republicans have been hard on Senator Obama and his campaign was fed up with the lies, and the allegations made against Senator Barack Obama, and insist that people need to stop looking at color, and start looking at the man, his potential and ability to bring change to the United States of America. 

Pastor Bryant, the mega church leader who can be seen driving expensive cars, wearing flashy clothes and sometimes eye blinding jewelry, criticized potential first lady Cindy McCain for wearing an entire outfit that included expensive clothes, jewelry and shoes valued at over $300,000.   “How can you talk about the economy struggling, when people are just living pay check to pay check, but you can come out in all of this expensive attire and address the American people?”  Those words echoed by Pastor Bryant. 

I’m not endorsing a specific candidate but the question I have is, is Pastor Bryant encouraging his followers to support senator Barack Obama?  The answer is No!  Pastor Bryant never said that he endorses Senator Obama nor did he say that the democrats are better leaders for the nation; in this case Pastor Bryant was speaking as a black educated man living in a very white America. 

The comments of Pastor Bryant were long overdue in many cases.  The entire world knows how important the church vote is in the upcoming election, so why wouldn’t the republicans canvas the church crowds to try and get votes?  For years the church has voted in favor of the republicans because of “morals.”  Now, since the church wants to vote on morals, then how about the church members start living by the morals they often vote for.


Pastor Bryant who spoke very negative about the Republicans has to be careful not to offend any republican voters that he may have in his church, because not only have you intimidated them, but it’s possible they may take their membership elsewhere.  And when members do that, guess what else leaves?  You got it, money!  If Pastor Bryant is willing to do that then he should keep speaking as candidly as he does about the republicans.  If he wants to play it safe, and keep his republican members happy, Pastor Bryant should do what most church people should do in the first place, shut up and pray.

Sound off, what do you think of Pastor Bryant’s remarks, do you agree of disagree?   

 I’m Andre X. Douglas and I approve this message.


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