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By: The Listener

G;’day listeners. It’s a slow news morning. Right now I’m listening to the Paris Tokyo remix and I have to say that I’m not impressed (yea not even with Q Tip on the remix). Because I think Lupe is cool I won’t dis the song too much but it was a waste of studio time….what can I say. Onto the news.

Diddy says no to “Green” party:

(NY Post) Rap mogul P. Diddy dogged a three million dollar lawsuit this morning when a judge ruled against a 28-year-old hedge fund money manager who was suing him and Vibe magazine for using her picture without permission. In other words some lady was tryna get paid cause she was caught topless at Diddy’s white party and Vibe threw the pic in on of their issues. Come on lady… If you don’t want to get photoed topless at a party there’s only one way to prevent that…don’t take your shirt off at a party (sounds pretty simple huh?).

The StarRoc is in the building”

(Vibe) Not as catchy as the last label, but Jay-Z is launching a new label called StarRoc records. The partnership with Stargate productions (get it?) is part of the much anticipated Live Nation deal that’s been going on for like…EVER. From what I hear he’s taking Rhianna and Neyo with him from Def Jam’s tight grip. Let’s see how good-a-friends him and Russel are after that deal goes through.


Where in the world is…Monica Lewinsky

(ABC) Did anyone else besides me watch Carmen Sadiego? I thought not. Finally in the news this morning (if that’s what you wanna call it), ABC recently did a special on Monica Lewinsky. Turns out homegirl is doing well for herself I mean after all…she was an intern in the white house back in 98…I wonder what happened? LOL.

That’s all for me people at least for now…pray for me on this Bio exam lol.


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