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(NY Times) The house of representatives rejected a $700 billion financial rescue Monday after an intense vote of 228-205.

According to the New York Times “Supporters of the bill had argued that it was necessary to avoid a collapse of the economic system, a calamity that would drag down not just Wall Street investment houses but possibly the savings and portfolios of millions of Americans. Opponents said the bill was cobbled together in too much haste and might amount to throwing good money from taxpayers after bad investments from Wall Street gamblers.”

This is a mess man. I’m not even sure what to say. I think the bailout was a good idea. I mean sure $700 billion is a harsh amount of money but what other alternatives did we have? I mean come on, the Dow dropped 700 points today. The economy is in horrible position and buying out banks so people can have credit is definitely a way to get the economy back on track. Some may not agree but what other ideas do you have?

This is a slap in the face to Bush (not that I care). I guess he has such a terrible tack record that no one trusted possibly the best idea he’s brought to the table since…well 2000.

Sound off people. Do you think the bailout was a good or bad idea or does the financial crisis skip you “cuz u a ballah?”

In the meantime watch Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi take a hit from members of the GOP.


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