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The black church: republican, democrat, or Obamacrat?

By: Big Brother

I’m not judging anyone in the this particular post or trying to be negative. I’m a writer and this is what I do…enjoy!

The black church: republican, democrat, or Obamacrat?

For years the black church has prided themselves on voting and standing behind the United States Presidential Candidate who supports the morals of the bible, church, or America.

But recently with the emerging of a biracial Presidential candidate who some consider black, the black church seems to be singing a different tune.

Several big name pastors including Bishop TD Jakes, Bishop Segwhick Daniels, Prophetess Junaita Bynum and even several store front pastors all have traditionally endorsed and supported the Republican nominees for President and other republican related offices. 

But wait, now that Senator Barack Obama is in the picture has the game has gone from morals, to color….. Or did it?

Prophetess Juanita Bynum who once said that George W. Bush is right for America because of his belief in God and his faith based initiatives recently was shown on her website indirectly endorsing Senator Barack Obama.  As the “prophetess” was escorted out of her limo, two older women who served as her welcoming committee had on a Barack Obama for President buttons; and the “prophetess” pointed to the button and said that’s my president. 

Now stop for a moment: Senator Obama who supports gay rights and marriages, the right for pro-choice, and several other things that can be considered morally wrong, was endorsed by arguably the most popular female televangelist.  Now what changes this from her comments years ago? Dr. Bynum who preaches against most of the things that Senator Obama and the democrats stand for is now supporting a democrat, or is it just because Obama is black, oops I mean biracial, does it change the game? 

Bishop Thomas Dexter Jakes, also known as Bishop TD Jakes to his legions of audiences has also endorsed Senator Barack Obama for President. Bishop Jakes, who sat on the board for Republican President George W. Bush to help with the hurricane efforts, and a proud supporter of the Republican Party at once because of morals and faith based initiative, has also publicly endorsed Obama in an exclusive sit down interview. 

Again, the most popular African-American preacher in America, often referred to as this century’s Billy Graham, has also forgotten his views and what he preaches about to support Senator Barack Obama. Is it because he’s black? Or is it because he thinks Senator Obama can bring change or change his specific views.  To figure out why, simply youtube the interview.

Bishop Jakes and Prophetess Bynum who I admire and respect very much have both put themselves in an awkward situation.  Pastors and the church who pride themselves on preaching about the morals, and deliverance from all the sins that the democrats support are now endorsing and supporting democrats, or is it just 0bama?

First; I’ve always been a democrat, supported Clinton, Kerry, and will support Senator Barack Obama.  Not because I agree with their views and morals, but because I believe our country does better with a democrat as its leader.  People argue that because I support a democrat that I’m for gay marriages, abortion, and other non-traditional morally wrong views.  What I say to this, it’s none of my business what people do in their lives, GOD is the judge of people and character. So regardless if I agree with them or not, in the end God has the final say.

So what do you think? Is the church behind Obama because of race? Are these pastors being hypocrites?

Sound Off….

I’m Andre Douglas and I approve this message!


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