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The Rat Race

By Atticus Finch (I don’t quite feel like Iron Man anymore…)

Man, I’ve been catching hell lately. Sorry for my abscence, life hasn’t been very kind to UWW’s bad guy as of late.

Well then, lets get cracking. We’ll look past the charade that was the Vice Presidential Debate altogether. Lets talk about Tuesday’s duel between the frontrunners.

The Candidates debate in a Town Hall Format!

The Candidates debate in a Town Hall Format!

First, for a guy who billed himself as a champion of the town hall debate format, McCain didn’t exactly have the best form. He is getting better about looking into the cameras and you know, like talking to America.

The first battles took place over the economy, and the recently abandoned bailout plan. There was bits about Venezuela profiting off our dependency on foreign oil. Then they got into tax plans – and McCain basically admitted that the tax cuts of the Bush administration would stay in place in his administration.

Aside: To hell with the bailout plan. I’m glad they voted no. It involved a lot of variables, amongst them raising the national debt limit, and some other things that would put us in for a few billion more to Communist China than we already are. Thanks. No thanks. Goodbye.

Back to the debate. Health Care was next on the chopping block. McCain proposed funding it through tax cuts, Obama in “Investing In Prevention” – which he pretty much left open to interpreation.

Foriegn Policy and potential war with Iran surfaced again, and they beat the same horse to death. I’ll say this much: Should world leaders sit down before going about blowing each other to hell? Probably. Does that shit ever work? Not really. There’s been war after war after genocide in the past few years and it makes the average Joe-Six-Pack wonder: Where the devil is the United Nations in all of this?


Overall, the debate was unimpressive. I think the extnded primary season has the country dead tired of campaigning. Most who are ACTUALLY GOING TO VOTE made their mind up in July. We can beat the same horses to death so many times. Unless the American people are going to finally get some blood and mud, there’s nothing left to do but to shut up and implement new ideas. And man does the winner have his wirk cut out for him!

– Atticus


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