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…for something worth waking up for in this election. Or at least for the ensuing bloodbath of the incoming debates. We’ll be back to the issues, finally.

(To the staff: Yes, I’m blogging at 10:30 at night. Any idea I have while the sun is still out is a bad one. Now, on with the show.)

So yeah, I’m like the political head around these parts, right? And as far as that goes, I’m staunchly Moderate, but ironically, what am I going to do for my first post? Bash Sarah Palin. Duh. Most recently in a speech class I’m not sure why I take, I had the pleasure of being attacked for not caring either which way about the “Pig-In-Lipstick” issue. Now my thing is this: The Reds are trying to pass all that off as some kind of sexist attack plan by the draconian Obama campaign that should garner the ire of women everywhere, right? Wrong.

But again, my thing is this: if anything, shouldn’t women be more upset that the publicity stunt that is Palin’s VP nomination? I’m flabbergasted. WHY IS THIS GOING UNCHECKED?!

Come on now. It’s basically what’s being said to women in America, whether they supported Hillary Clinton or not. What do you mean this is a big step for women everywhere? SHE SAID SHE DOESN’T KNOW WHAT A VICE PRESIDENT REALLY DOES! She wasn’t even a good Governor in Alaska! Build the Bridge to Nowhere, already! Women everywhere just got set back fifty years. (And Hip-Hop didn’t do it. Go figure.) If anything, women should be insulted that the McCain campaign thinks they are so easily wooed by cheap gimmicks.

I want to say Joe Biden is going to decimate her in the VP debates, but let’s face it. It’s hard to beat a woman in any kind of argument, let alone a mother of five, with one child pregnant, one with Down Syndrome and a son in Iraq. Sympathy is a powerful ally. You know, I just might go to hell for writing this post now.

And the worst part of it all?

This all is likely going to work.

So sit back, and enjoy the show. (Presidential Debate this week!)

Bony Stark


September 23, 2008 Posted by | Aww naw hell naw | 4 Comments


A Milwaukee bus driver was beat down earlier this week and it was all caught on tape. A young man entered the bus and began beating up the driver in attempt to take over the wheel. The driver then began to drive toward the local police station (all while getting beatan up) until he ran into a tree and let the person out. I tried watching the whole video but couldn’t stand it. The person looks very young which makes this a senseless meaningless crime.

I hate this type of bull shit. I love black people but got damn how much can a brotha take. This is why blacks move away from the inner city and never look back. Who wants to have this happen to them? Who wants to be in this type of environment? I’m not sure what to say about this one but I will say that all efforts must be taken to put this asshole away for a very long time.

p.s. Sorry about my languarge. I’m a little angry about this.

May 18, 2008 Posted by | Aww naw hell naw | 1 Comment


I don’t know what it is about today but there is a lot of good news going on. AHM posted this and I just about feel out of my chair when Ne-Yo (or go go as he was called back then) came out  with Bronze hair LMAO.

You know what’s funny too? People who get booed on Apollo (Ne-Yo, Mariah Carey, even Lauryn Hill) always go on to make it big. Hmm…maybe I should go on and rap…LMAO that’ll be the day huh.

Check out the video and get your laugh on at work lol.

May 17, 2008 Posted by | Aww naw hell naw, had to do it | 1 Comment


Ok So I’m listening to the President’s weekly address yesterday and I have to admit that it didn’t sound as bad as it usually does. The economic stimulus package is in full bloom (I’m sure some of you have alerady taken your trips to the swap meet) and I’m sure this will achieve the objective which it has set. However, will it really have a positive affect on Americans?

I guess I’m thinking long term circumstances. Sure having an extra few hundred bucks will do some good for the time being but what about next month or six months from now when Americans are going to need some more money? All I saying is…if you want to stimulate the economy then stop speding 340 Million bones a day on the war in Iraq and if you want to save Americans money at the pump…then LOWER GAS PRICES!!! Oh if it could all be so simple.

Let me know whatcha think. And I’ve got 10 bucks for anyone with a caption on this photo lol.

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Watch this battle and I guarantee you will NOT be disappointed lol. Check out the part where the second dude take a pause for like 45 seconds LMAO.

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Ok this is not about music but I saw this over at AHM and had to put it on. Check out when the girl walks over to the bed. If you’re at work you mine as well wait until you get home lol.

April 10, 2008 Posted by | Aww naw hell naw | 1 Comment


Not cool LMAO.

That’s all I have to say about the Carter III album cover. I checked around to see if this was real and Amazon has it up on their site which means a lot. I’m mad he had the same tatoos when he was a child (not really I’m sure). I have MUCH more news today but I’m on the way to class. Stay tuned I’ll be back around 2pm. In the meantime, have a good laugh with this picture.

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Check this Video out from a new artist on the scene called Wendy Ho. Now if you’re at work you may want to turn down the volume. This is not some new Usher joint lol. Check it out.

Now seriously. I have to ask what passes for music these days. I hate that shit like this gets put out. She’s serious (which kills me) but what can I say. I really have no more words.

March 20, 2008 Posted by | Aww naw hell naw | 1 Comment


Un-F*c*in-belivable. That’s all I have to say about the Plies casting call.

Ok so it’s one thing that he’s getting his own show (beyond me) but did you see when homegirl said she was going to put the whole thing in her mouth? C’mon now…ok that’s not about music so I’ll stop there lol. Anyway it kills me what some people will do to get on TV. Hey, it’s the American Dream…I guess.

March 15, 2008 Posted by | Aww naw hell naw | 1 Comment



Tiffany “New York” who cares what her last name is. Has on some hell of a wig here. Nothing to do with music but LMAO funny.

I hear she’s coming out with a record. I wonder if its true. She’s like a real life “Sha ne ne” Did I spell that correctly? lol

March 11, 2008 Posted by | Aww naw hell naw | 1 Comment