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What’s up people. I’m back after a week long hiatus. I’m sorry to anyone who actually checked back to see what the updates were and found Alicia Keys lol. 

Anyway I’m back with a review of Rhianna’s new song “Take A Bow” and the only think I can think of is…not cool lol. I hate the song. Its my firm belief that the industry tries to make her a younger version of Beyonce (I hate to say that it’s working) but this song is a grade school version of “Irreplaceable”. They actually should have named it “talk to the hand” because that’s about the only line its missing. Can’t say I like the beat either. Sounds like something a 14 year old did on his Triton he got for Christmas without any expansions.

I like Rhianna but I hate this tune. She can afford to do it however because she has a good rep with pop music. Check it out and let me know whatcha think.
Talk to the hand


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