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(SOHH) Check out this video of Palin supporters calling Senator Obama a terrorist. It’s quite laughable I assure you.


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Check it out and let me know what you think. It’s good but it has to grow on me. I’m off to class. Holla back.

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By: The Listener

(AP) Former NBA star Magic Johnson wasn’t too happy this weekend when allegations of him faking his HIV/AIDS infection became public on a Los Angeles radio show. Check out the transcript below courtesy of

“Magic faked AIDS,” Perry said.

“You think Magic faked AIDS for sympathy?” Baker replied.

“I’m convinced that Magic faked AIDS,” Perry said.

“Yeah, me too,” Baker said.

“I’m not sure why,” Perry added. “But I’m pretty sure he faked AIDS. Because he’s the only cured AIDS guy ever.”

That exchange Wednesday prompted a response statement from Johnson, 49, on Friday that was reported by the Los Angeles Times.

“I am extremely disappointed in KTLK in Minneapolis,” Johnson said. “I am outraged that Chris Baker and Langdon Perry would minimize such a serious and deadly issue.

“Millions are dying from HIV/AIDS and the fact that they would make jokes about my status is unbelievable.

“Chris, Langdon and KTLK should use their power in a more positive light by encouraging people to get tested for this disease instead of making up such ridiculous lies.”

Ok..of course I don’t think Magic faked his disease…but he is filthy rich which means he has the money to get the treatment others can’t afford. Hey…don’t act like if you didn’t have it you wouldn’t get the treatment either. Ignorant comments though.

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By: The Listener

(WUSA) Good morning all. Interesting story on playing your music too loudly. Check it out.

Andrew Vactor was facing a $150 fine for playing rap music too loudly on his car stereo in July. But a judge offered to reduce that to $35 if Vactor spent 20 hours listening to classical music by the likes of Bach, Beethoven and Chopin.

Vactor, 24, lasted only about 15 minutes, a probation officer said.

It wasn’t the music, Vactor said, he just needed to be at practice with the rest of the Urbana University basketball team.

“I didn’t have the time to deal with that,” he said. “I just decided to pay the fine.”

Champaign County Municipal Court Judge Susan Fornof-Lippencott says the idea was to force Vactor to listen to something he might not prefer, just as other people had no choice but to listen to his loud rap music.

“I think a lot of people don’t like to be forced to listen to music,” she said.

She’s also taped TV shows for defendants in other cases to watch on topics such as financial responsibility. As she sees it, they get the chance to have their fine reduced “and at the same time broaden their horizons.”

I actually agree with this. I just cracked up when homeboy only lasted 15 minutes lol.

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Fact #185 T. I.’s new hit “Live Your Life” went from #80 to #1 on Billboard’s Hot 100, setting a new record for the biggest jump in the chart’s 50-year history.

Shout out to bb for this one.

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OBAMA TO HIT PRIMETIME (and we ain’t talkin’ bout SNL)!!!

By: The Listener

(Reuters) Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama (D-IL) has purchased a half-hour of primetime television to support his run for this white house.

According to reuters “The Obama campaign is producing a nationwide pitch to voters that will air on at least two broadcast networks. The ad will run Wednesday, October 29, at 8 p.m. — less than a week before the November 4 general election.


The direct purchase of such a large block of national airtime right before an election used to be more commonplace before campaigns began to focus their endgame strategies exclusively on battleground states. Such a move is not without precedent in modern presidential politics, however — Ross Perot did a similar purchase in 1992.


Smart move for the Democratic front runner.

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By: The Listener

Slow news morning plus I’m a blackberry fan so I had to post this. I’m listening to “Womanizer” by Brittney Spears…man this song is fire lol (random I know). Check out pics of the new Blackberry.


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“NE-YO To Team Up With Marilyn Manson”…..

By: Always Young, Never Restless



Ok…when I saw this I was like WHAT???  Who knows….NE-YO can do just about anything….We Shall See….

(E! Online) – Can you picture it: Ne-Yo jammin’ onstage with Marilyn Manson?

Well, it just may become a reality. The R&B crooner says he and the wackadoo rock star are totally serious about collaborating.

“It’s going to be interesting,” Ne-Yo said the other night at the L.A. premiere of The Secret Life of Bees. “I have no idea what we’re going to do, what it’s going to sound like. Just Ne-Yo and Marilyn Manson in the same room—we’re going to figure something out.”

Ne-Yo said he was approached by Manson’s people after he boasted in a media interview that he’s so flexible, he could even write a song for the rocker.

Very Interesting….I am really surprised that he didn’t let me in on this little tidbit….I mean I do see him everyday….LOL….Much Love to the Listener…..

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“Obama Graces the Cover of Source”…..

By: Always Young, Never Restless




Democratic Presidential Candidate Barack Obama will appear on the cover of the Source Magazine, which will hit newsstands later this month…..The special politics issue will cover the issues of both Obama and McCain…..Be Sure to Check it Out!!!!

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Slow news morning but I still wanted to post something. Congrats to TI for debuting at number one this week. I’m still upset about Kimbo Slice…what a world. Holla at you when something interesting comes.  

And BTW, welcome John Hines AKA Hovito AKA Lt. Dan the newsest blogger to the Listener staff. 


Name: John Hines

Alias: Hovito

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